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Västerås SK Football and SL Benfica have reached an agreement which means that the earlier dispute regarding contents in the transfer agreement of player Victor Nilsson Lindelöf to Benfica now is settled.

Västerås SK Football Club hereby withdraws its claim submitted to FIFA against Benfica.

"We are pleased with this settlement. The good dialogue with Benfica have taken place with the best interest in mind for all parties including Victor Nilsson Lindelöf”, says Christina Liffner, Vice President of Västerås SK Football Club, and continues:

"We have had very good help from lawyer Lars Nilsson, who is also a judge in the CAS, Court of Arbitration for Sport. The Swedish Football Association has also been supporting in this matter.

In the summer of 2011 Västerås SK Football Club sold Victor Nilsson Lindelöf to the Portuguese club SL Benfica. As a result of his breakthrough part of the contents in the transfer agreement came to be questioned. The clubs had different interpretations of certain terms that eventually led to negotiations and a settlement.

As a consequence of the new agreement VSK Football Club has received first part of the financial settlement and additional installments will be done during the year. Due to confidentiality clauses Västerås SK Football Club cannot reveal any details.

"Now we have the opportunity to re-focus and to continue our efforts towards primary Superettan, but also in the long term our goal to reach the highest league in Sweden, Allsvenskan, at the latest in 2021," concludes Christina Liffner, Vice President of Västerås SK Football Club.

Questions can be answered from Tuesday by:
Christina Liffner, Vice President - +46 70-522 09 05